HEXATRUST, the cluster founded by a group of French SMEs, complementary players with expertise in information security systems, cybersecurity and digital trust, has merged with CLOUD CONFIDENCE, the association aiming to promote trust in the cloud computing world. They became : 

During their general assembly (2017, décember 18th) the founding members of each association have voted the merger between HEXATRUST and Cloud Confidence in order to promote the expertise and the excellence within both french and european cybersecurity & cloud computing industry and to highlight a relationship based on transparency and trust between professionals, end users, citizens  and public organisations throught sensibilisation and common projects. 

Hereby, the missions of the HEXATRUST cluster are as follow : 

  • To facilitate exchanges and synergies among European and French software vendors, security services companies, system integrators, users and the whole ecosystem of information security, cloud confidence and cybersecurity. To facilitate the emergence of common marketing and business enterprises.

  • To promote the best practices in the fields of cloud confidence and cybersecurity and to build awerness towards the current regulations in France and in Europe regarding our activities.

  • To develop and promote the HEXATRUST label by creating a reference framework allowing solutions users to resort to cloud and cybersecurity expertise available within the cluster and structured through a comprehensive portfolio.

  • To elaborate several evaluation and certification schemes in cloud confidence and cybersecurity or a code of conduct, including  evaluation and certification regulations and framework with a list of mandated organisms.

  • To act accordingly with private and public representative organisms in France and Europe to insure the safeguard of our members’ interests.


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